TDA7386 Problem please help

i tried to build the TDA7386 But Couldn't Get it work where i didn't connect the st/by and mute final terminals from resistors but i think it will not affect the chip.
and tried to just work two channels only as experiment (also i don't know how to get the stereo input into quad input)
but what i found is my transformer is gettin very hot quickly
So please help me or send me the pcb u worked with but single layer
Also i'm a beginner:(


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2007-07-17 2:35 am
Central Berlin, Germany
Um, patience seems not to be your strong point... so let me have a look at the spec sheet to see if I can help you...


... OK, arrange MUTE and STBY as given in the datasheet and hook both inputs to the positive supply (Vcc). In any case these pin's RC-circuits *must* be connected to something (either Vcc -- which means device is active -- or GND).

You can simply connect two input channels, on the left side of the input capacitors (but not directly at the pins). Then you have identical outputs from these stages and can connect two sets of speakers. You cannot combine outputs directly.

A layout is found in the datasheet, you "only" have to recreate it.

- Klaus