TDA7350 in bridge mode - sending constant 4V though output!?!


2008-03-10 3:26 pm
I'm fairly new to the whole amplifier game, so I decided to use chips that gave good sound in an old Altec Lansing Hi-Fi system I had, the TDA7350. I've followed the bridge test application circuit on the datasheet, but I'm getting a constant 4V across the outputs on top of the amplified output. If I put a 1000uF electrolytic in series with the speaker/load I get fairly good output, but with more static than I'd like. From the datasheet, and what I've read, in bridge mode the circuit shouldn't require a capacitor anyways.

Have you got any ideas for what might be wrong? I've gone over my veroboard for logic errors and dry joints about 10 times now...