TDA7293 dipping my toe in


2013-01-28 1:48 am
Hi, diyaudio members! I recently introduced myself here and this will be my first thread. The level of my expertise in this field is....not really existent, so I will try to limit my questions to things I can't easily google and are above my current plateau of capabilities. Breaking to the next level of competence for me will take time, research, experimentation :D, and of course your much appreciated opinions and experience.

So here we go. I was looking at buying a cheap ebay stereo board from china. :eek:
This one, XY board:TDA7293 Amplifier Amp Board Power Supply Rectifier Filter Finished Board | eBay
or this one:HiFi Stereo TDA7293 Two Channel Amplifier w Power Supply Protective Circuit | eBay

Reading the forums I have found this: Pitfalls
Daniel and others here have done things like this to mod their boards.

Question 1: Should I avoid either of these amps, which one? things I am trying to determine but can't tell visually (or by reading their descriptions) are: quality of components used, ability to mod the design a little, value, other things i should be considering but don't know yet, etc.

(the inclusion of a Power Supply Rectifier Filter seems handy) with the proper (premade, not touching the mains until I am more experienced) transformer I will be getting closer to a thing that plays music.

My plan is to make a simple stereo system for learning purposes. the idea is to make some easy mods for "sound quality" and (mostly) experience. The next step would to build up a PCB board myself. (I am leaning toward the XY setup as building a second board with a model to follow would be handy)
I would try to bridge/ paralell one of the boards to make a sub amp for making a sort of 2.1 setup for my computer/multimedia applications filling a medium sized room.

My questions are infinite so I will continue to learn as much as possible and post question 2 when I have concluded I can't figure it out on my own :cool: