TDA2030 Upgrading

I want to make some changes in my tda2030 2.1 computer speakers. There is two 25volt 3300uf capacitors on supply. I want to change them with 50volt and 4700 or 10000 uf. All other capacitors are polyster except three capacitors of 220nf 224 on Three tda2030 are ceramic. Can i change it to polyster. I can understand that they used so much polyster capacitors in my speakers but y only these three capacitors on IC are ceramic. now tell me please that can these three changes produce any effect on sound?
Changing to the larger value electrolytics May improve the bass but are more likley to have a negative effect on the mid range area. The ceramic capacitors you mention are to decouple the tda. You could replace them with film type as they are only low cost and see if you notice any diffrence. To be honest i think the low cost and quality speakers used will mask any improvment to sound quality.
try it

i have noticed a big diffrence in midrange when using larger caps for smoothing . the mid seems to loose its edge with larger caps. some people bypass the electrolytics with a film type cap i have tried this on a nummber of occasions over the years and can say i did not notice a worth while improvment in fact most of the time the mids got a little harsh and the treble brittle.
regards Ian