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Wanted to buy
What's a fair price now ?
Few weeks ago I bought TDA1541A here from a member for 55€.
Since then I did not find another one for this price.
There was an offer for used/desoldered TDA1541A one for 100€ few days ago.
The "fair" price will be higher every day.
On the other hand I paid shipment + tax + PayPal fee.
I think it's fair to ask the total price, which it costed for someone.
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An alternative source can be a second hand shop or garage sale (brocante). You might get an old Philips CD player for 20 EUR or less. It can be a cheap source of vintage components.
Yes but you need to know what model have this inside. :unsure:
Will be usefull if anyone can post a list of vintage PHILIPS with the TDA1541A inside.
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Every now or then there is a cheap cd player with tda1541A on ebay but these also are getting more expensive - I think about 50€ is a good price for a working one.
Do not buy from China because the are all fake even from utsource which is a big serious provider of ics.