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TDA1541/SAA7220 replacement board

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For those of you who hate these as much as me, this is the thing for you. Turn your old 16-bit, 4X CD player into a 24-bit, 8X hotrod.

For those of you who still like them, ignore this post. And no more hate mail. [joke]

This board uses a DF1704, and 2 PCM1704s, and a reclocking circuit. It accepts I2S.

You need to supply +12 V for the digital, +/- 22 V (or so) for the analog, and your own I/V stage. Connect BCLK, L/RCLK, DATA, and SYSCLK, along with mute and de-emphasis controls via 10 pin header.

Anyone interested can e-mail me for details.



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Have populated the board:)
-and sold the CD player it was intended for :eek: ,

so a standalone DAC kit will be more interesting.

What about that I/V stage and reciever?
Are they ready to ship, or just on your drawing-board?

Arne K
Now for a little more info on the I/V board.....

Jocko hand built the I/V board to my requirements. 3V out with DC servo. He was willing to build to any reasonable output voltage and offered DC servo, cap coupled or DC trimmed outputs.

He smoke tests and fully measures the board.

Mine tests with a Zin=0.1 ohm per channel. This is for connection from the PCM1704s' Iout. If lower load impedance for the DACs' Iout equals better sonics, this will be damn hard to beat.

Vout=2.93VRMS with JFET output.

THD<85dB 2nd harmonic with a "trace of 3rd". "All without no stinkin' feedback" -Jocko.

Supply requirements: +/-22-18VDC@95mA.

I will be awhile until I get it up and running, but I just had to comment on the products that Jocko is selling. The PCB is of the same quality as the older US manufactured Hewlett Packard inkjet boards that we build in house (the best I've ever seen). The I/V board surprised the hell out of me. I couldn't buy half the parts retail for what he charged me, and the measured performance is beyond what I could conceive of in 10 years of trial and error.

And Jocko sez it will sound better than I expect! :D
Hi Jocko !

I'd like to try the PCM1704... can you tell me how it sounds (you seem to like it) compared to AD1865 for instance ? I havent' heard TDA1541A so can't comment on your relationship with it, but I like the AD chip... Shame it won't do 24 bits though.

Also do you use slow or sharp rolloff in the dig filter ?

Thanks !
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