TDA1541 - lots of sibilance on vocals - Sony CDP227ESD player

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I have recently bought a Sony CDP-227 (with dual TDA1541).

I used to own one of these a few years back, and that one was fine.

But this latest one suffers badly from sibilance.

My initial thoughts were to simply recap the entire DAC stage, but then I thought I would ask first - to see if anyone else has experienced this kind of issue with the TDA1541.

On well recorded CDs, the quality is superb - but the vast majority of "regular" CDs have this sibilance issue.

All other frequencies are fine - in fact the bass and midband are actually the best I've heard in ages.

I have tried different amp / preamp combos and that has made little difference.

Looking at the internals of the player - it doesn't look to have had much use, despite being 20+ years old.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


I have attached a snippet of the schematic of the DAC / o/p stages.


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I checked those caps, they're ok.

Whilst I was in there, I removed C413 / C513 (I've never been a fan of putting caps of different types in parallel) and I bypassed R408 / R508 and increased R407 / R507 to 560 ohms.

The cables I'm using are fairly long, and I did wonder if I was getting some oscillation in the o/p stage due to the cable length / capacitance.

I know that many designs suggest that you should have 470R -> 1K series resistance to protect against oscillation with capacitive loads.

I also fitted some sockets for the opamps, but clearly FET opamps don't work too well here lol :)

I'm guessing I need a bit of biasing on the input from the TDAs, and I don't want to start messing about with that.

So I guess my next upgrade will be a couple of LM4562s.
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Could it be that the Spindle Motor could be running slightly slow?

I have had faulty Motors causing distortion in the past, admittedly it often causes no play or very bad distortion but I have had on occasion it causing slight HF distortion.

I am not saying it will definately be this but it may be worth a try.

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