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TDA1541 DAC for sale

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Sale of this item is withdrawn

This is a I2S to simultaneous mode TDA1541 dac board designed by Miro. Your own PSU and i2s source is required to complete this DAC for it to sing.

The 14 decoupling caps for the TDA1541 chip are high quality RIFA MKP, with values as per Miro's recommended BOM. Decoupling caps for the psu are KEMET MKP, and electrolytics are mainly Nichicon FG for the DAC section and ELNA Cerafine for the op amp IV. Resistors used are good low noise, metal films from Nikohm, vishal and Dale. Logic chips are decoupled with high quality Kemet SMD x7r capacitors.

The DC protection board is also included in this sale.

This dac is designed by Miro and more info can be found here :

Miro also designed the PSU for this dac (not included in this sale):
Please study the power supply requirement carefully if you intend to use your own psu design.

Important things to note :
1. If you intend to have no capacitor at the output, it is advisable to have a dc protection board (included in this sale) as explained in the post:
2. i have trimmed the TDA1541 offsets to be null and very stable. Any changes to the board, including inserting different op amp and different TDA1541 chip will require adjustments again. Please do check and do necessary adjustments by following the instructions by Miro. You will need to explore this on your own, with your i2s source connected.
3. All components, including the TDA1541A chip are new, which is only used for the testing of this DAC. The exception is the pair of output op amp OPA604 which are old and used by me for previous projects.

Of course, the board has been tested and playing well. Price for the board is 250USD, including shipping worldwide registered. And as usual i will buy coffee for Miro.
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I have no idea on the design of the boards sold by various ebay sellers. I have not seen any design information posted by them in their listings, unlike the products offered by members here. Perhaps they would upon request? I have seen quite a few designs on ebay which are not NOS though and i personally prefer NOS design for R2R dac. And of course they could be modified to be NOS with some work on the board. Subjectively speaking the 1541 in simultaneous mode performs better and sounds better. I think most ebay boards do not offer simultaneous operations. More info of simultaneous mode here : https://www.audialonline.com/blog/tda1541a-and-model-s-usb-part-2-simultaneous-data-mode/

One thing for sure is Miro has the knowledge on proper design, implementation and good PCB layout, as experienced by many members here in DIYaudio.
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