tda 2050 vs sony av 5.1 reciever - midrange difference

tested same pair of speakers with tda 2050 vs sony av 5.1 reciever------


in sony -signal by spdif digital from pc to dac of sony - highs are bit low but peculiar thing is voices of singers in song were quite low loudness(feeling quite nice) while tda 2050 signal by analog pc output to tda 2050 - highs were good but voices of singers in song were very high loudness giving irriation feeling when increasing volume

------is there any explanation for this or i just need midrange decrease by preamp or crossover - how can i decrease voice loudness in songs ?
Are you sure that the Sony was in bypass / plain stereo mode? Trying to divert center-panned signal to a non-existing center speaker could have just this effect. So could an audio cable with a broken ground connection.

If the AVR has pre-outs, you could try running those into the TDA2050 amp for a cross-check.

I would also be generating myself some test signals - left channel only, right channel only, both in phase, both with one channel inverted. Just to make sure you don't have a massive problem with channel separation.