TB W8-1808 OB w/Sealed sub, good combo?

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Thinking about doing a DIY project involving an open baffle full range driver sitting on top of a sealed sub. Looking to get as far down close to 20hz as possible and maintain a good balanced sound.

Has anyone tried this combo before and if so do you have any recommendations?

Would be in a medium-sized living room situation. I currently have a pair of Spatial Audio M4s which I love but roll off at around 45hz so I'm missing the low end but don't have room for subs to go with them.
It should work — as lng as you are happy with the sound & price of the 1808.

How high does your sub go? That is a key to the XO. Without a woofer that reaches fairly high you could have issues with mating them w the FR, and in most cases bi-amping is suggested.


Well i was thinking stereo subs, likely 12". Should be able to cross those over at 80hz right? Would that work with the FR drivers or should it be higher? Maybe a 10" would be better if it can also go low enough.

And yes I would be using sealed and powered subs in this scenario, with my main amp (Schiit Aegir) running the FR.
One concern I have is coherence. I switched from bookshelf + sub combo to floor standing speakers because I was tired of fiddling with the level on my sub and having it sound coherent with the speakers.

I almost feel like I would want a separate desktop amp for the subs so i could independently adjust their gain, crossover, phase, etc on the fly to easily balance the sound, but I would want that to be a stereo amp and I haven't seen anything that does that. Obviously most sub amps are plate amps but the desktop/rack ones I've seen only do mono.
First, you will need need quite a big baffle to let the TB go down to 80Hz.
Visually, it will overpower your medium sized room, but if you are ok with that, than fine.

Sealed subs will not give you 20Hz, unless you get one with ample Xmax and EQ heavily.

What Dave said, bi-amping, so two amps for your setup.
The easiest would be to go with a 2x4HD MiniDSP unit.
Or, for a greater amount of source, their new SHD units.

The MiniDSP units will let you play with crossovers frequencies and shape, apply EQ and delay, to have the coherence you are talking about.

Finally, the TB is a great driver, but it needs help. It needs EQ or at least two passive notches to sound good, otherwise they will hurt your ears.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.