TB in a Chubby Tower


2004-09-24 1:24 pm
I've got a number of the TB 3" drivers listed below. I'm wondering if they would work in a Chubby tower with some obvious modifications instead of the CHR-70 they were originally designed for? If these don't work is there another TB 3" driver that is a better candidate? I've tried to model them but my home computer is messed up and my netbook isin't good for anything but checking email and playing on the internet.

I'm just hung up on TB drivers and these chubby Towers would have a Tuba18 with a TB 8" driver in it helping the low end. An all TB system would be interesting.

My inspiration:

TangBand W3-665SC

Diaphram Material: Paper
Surround Material: Santoprene
Nominal Impedance: 8
DCR impedance: 6
Sensitivite 1W/1m 88dB
Frequency Response: 120Hz-20KHz
Free Air Resonance: 120Hz
Voice Coil Diameter: 20mm
Air gap Height: 4mm
Rated Power Input: 15W
Maximum Power Input: 30W
Force Factor, BL: 3.2TM
Magnet Weight: 120g (4oz)
Moving Mass: 1.45g
Suspension Compliance: 1106 MN^-1
Effective Piston Area: .0032 M^2
X-max: 1mm
Vas: 1.6L
Qts: 0.63
Qms: 6.88
Qes: 0.69