TB 1337 a good match for Hivi rt1.3?

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Hey, I'm planning to use the TB w4-1337 titanium cone driver for a solid midrange in a three way. It would cover the gap between a hivi rt1.3 planer tweeter, and a pair of rs225-8 woofers, with xo's at 200 and 3000Hz. I could push the lower xo up a bit if you think it would help the 1337 out, but I usually try to stay lower because I find a lot of vocals coming through woofers annoying.

What are your thoughts?
I think the TB is a great driver and will work really well with the other components you already have. Not only can you push the crossover lower but you can also raise the high freq crossover as well. I don't think you can lose with this combo and you have lots of ways to deal with the crossover with good results. What other details can you give about your project? Enjoy!

Sounds good to me!
I love the RT1.3....mine is LR6 acoustic at 3k.


You should be just fine in this project, but the dual RS225 might be a lot for the single mid and tweeter to keep up with. This is of course unless you are using it as a 3.5-way with full 6dB BSC.

Thanks for your input, good deal.

I have a 3 way cooking in the pot right now. They woofers will be housed in a tall and deep enclosure with curved sides. The curve is nearly straight near the back, but then the radius begins to decrease rapidly as it nears the front four inches of the cabinet. It is 46.5 inches in hight. That is not counting the outriggers that will also be holding the speaker an additional four inches off of the floor to make room for the downward firing port. The mid/tweeter housing will be separate, on top of the bass cabinet.

I am (at least) bi-amping the set up. There is a chance that I may go with a completely active three way. If that ever happens, they will have the xo/amp built into them. I guess that makes them sorta like gigantic computer speakers in a way, if thats how you want to think about it. For now they will probably just stay bi-amped.

Today I accomplished putting two layers of eighth inch hardboard on one side of one of my towers. I'm happy with how it turned out. I think this is going to be a very slow process.
i'm using the TB1337 as a wide midrange in an active system. It's an excellent driver overall but i want to point some limitations that i came across.

- 4th order LR doesn't work well before 400Hz. i solved that by adding a small amount of baffle step compensation on the TB1337, which i didn't think i would need on a 12" wide baffle. come to think of it my problem might've been caused by a very small enclosure <2ltr for the midrange but this measurement corresponds to what i'm seeing too.


-also the break up at 8kHz might be a problem although it doesn't seem to bother me with a crossover at 4kHz

i would also suggest placing the tweeter as close as possible and crossing over as low as possible for a wider sweet spot. the TB1337 is a great midrange - voices, pianos, violins and guitars are amazing.
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