tash ma hall amp

this project is characterized by a high circulating current
especially in the differential input stage

in fact is a current mirror CFP

the next stage is characterized by a bootstrap titpico schema Jeff Rowland

Then the typical triplet EF emitter follower

if you like to use the simulator calculates the optimized values ​​of 35V dual



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2013-02-05 10:06 am

I would like to do the speakers for amplifier 60W RMS / 8 ohm. I watched the speakers Woofer Beyma 8BR40/N - 50W RMS, 35 - 6000 Hz, 90 dB, 8 ohm and Tweeter Beyma T2030 - 15W RMS, 1,5 - 20KHz, 95 dB, 8 ohm with crossover Beyma V2 hifi, 300 W, freq 3 KHz, 8ohm.

I turn to you, because I'm not so sure that this is a good relationship and frequency of cutting 3 KHz correct

Would it be better if I would use stronger tweeter and would cut the freq to 4 or 5 KHz
Does anybody can help me with advice and calculation for crossover

Best regards
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