TAS5706A Class D Power Supply (Linear vs SMPS)


2010-09-09 8:49 pm
Hi all,

I'm designing an audio amplifier with the TAS5706A I2S input Class D:


I'd like to run the Class D at 12V to produce ~9W output, which seems OK. I suspect I'll need a 12V supply that is capable of up to 1A.

The input voltage to the system is +48V DC.

I have two questions

  1. Should I be looking for a linear or a switched power supply for the 12V? Audio quality is the main concern.
  2. Is it better to keep the regulated 12V output separate i.e. not use it as an input to post regulators for other components?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Are class D best option

Dear BornToLag,

I have no experience with Class D. so cant answer, but at only 9W a class A amplifier is very practical.

I would imagine you have a lot of Class D amplifier experience and a good reason for using class D, and I am curious why you made this choice.

A JLH 1969 class A amplifier would not be prohibitively expensive (if time and effort are a consideration in production costs)