2008-04-03 12:11 am
I had to register for this i have been hunting around for weeks now trying to decide on what surround sound amp to buy from one of the big chains. Stumbled upong chip amps on the web and opend a whole new can of worms. Now i cant decide on how to build a 5.1 amp.

So far i think i want basically 3 2ch gain clones sharing a single pot and 6 inputs. no dac or anything (thats up to the computer).

In my search this evening i came accross this http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tas5414.pdf

Any thoughts, or idea on how to build it! Low voltage input, high wattage output and 4 ch per chip, 2 chips = HOLY SURROUND SOUND!
Hi Lologuy, I commend you for feeling up to such a large project for a starter course, but there are some things you need to look in to...

Cost of 6 channel potentiometer (volume control), being one...

Secondly, I am not so sure about those chips, my expectation is that it will sound just as bad as any of the $100 receivers you could get in the shops... except it will cost you far more than that to build.

If you have no problem with the extra expense, I suggest you look at the more garden varieties of the National chipamps, maybe if you want to keep things cheap"ish", use some of their stereo chips...