Taramp 10.9k

Looking for a little help with this Taramp 10.9k.

The amp came in with bad power supply connections along the 12 volt buss bar that feeds 12 volts to all transformers. I removed the buss bar and cleaned all the connections and installed.

The amp comes on, it has oscillation and produces audio, but only at low volume. If I try to drive it into a 2 ohm load, as I increase the volume, it will shut down, when its drawing about 15 amps.

It appears to have a regulated power supply, the pulse width is extremely small, and as I drive it, it gets slightly larger, but shuts down.

I do have the schematic for this, but I am unsure of how it measures overcurrent in the output section,
Hi Perry,

Sorry for the late reply, haven't had much time for amps the last few weeks.

When I drive it into shut down, the voltage goes from 0v on pin 6, to 4.6volts.

And the Red lite flashes 2 times, until I remove the remote.

The original problem was that the power supply (12v), buss bar had bad connections that feed at the 6 individual power supplies.

It eventually burned the top copper trace that was also feeding 12 volts. I repaired that, and now this is occurring.