tapped horn in 2 cu ft for car

I'm getting ready to build a couple car subs for my kids that will occupy about 2 cu ft. total. After the port is taken into account, the 1.5 cu ft ported enclosure, tuned to 28 hz looks fairly flat with a 1 db peak at 42 hz. Output at 300 watts is 110 db. Driver is CSS SDX10, a very robust sub.

Before I build I'd like to know what is the best tapped horn one might do in 2 cubes. Pick your driver. Maximum length is about 33".

Any takers? Any solutions already?

The best I could come up with for that size with a Eminence Definimax 4012HO driver would hit 125dB in eighth space (which I assume a car would be considered as), with 100W. Anymore and its xmax limited and of course a sharp HP filter would be required at 35Hz or it would be bye-bye driver very quickly.


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very nice for less than 40 L. I have a pair of these idrivers in 38 hz tapped horns playing in my main 2 channel system in house. I really like what they do in this space but I'm not sure they are robust enough for car environment .looks like the cone would be destroyed below 35 hz without some type of filter.