Tapedeck Controls don't want to latch

Hi Guys

I have a problem. Elsewhere, I posted an image of a vintage Tandberg TCD310 MK11 tapedeck which I bought recently. It has been cleaned-up and looked and worked superbly for a day or two.

Unexpectedly, the 'piano key' controls stopped wanting to latch. I've taken the front panel off trying to figure what the problem may be.

From the photograph, you can see I've taken the switch keys out but I cannot figure out how these should latch, once in place.

The controls are from left to right on/off (self-latching switch), rewind, stop, wind/fast forward, play (wider key) and record.

Directly after the self-latching switch, are 5 non-latching switches. Each of the keys hook into the L-shaped white thingies you can see in the pic.

Directly above the switches, is a pressed plate with 4 'fingers' which I stupidly bent carefully backwards and forwards in my efforts to see if I can get the function keys to latch. The flimsy springloaded channel plate pivots in two places in the panelmount for the meters. A small spring pulls this bar with the 4 'fingers' upwards. At the righthand end of the '4-fingered', springloaded bar, is a thinner section which engages with a trap or latch mechanism similar to what one could find on oldtimer gates. Hereafter, I will post a second pic, showing this part.

In my efforts to work out how this lot works, all 4 'fingers' broke off after only two bending adjustments. All four have been hardsoldered back on after removing the bar but I must have got their angles wrong.

I am not sure if the springloaded bar and the 'fingers' are the actual latching mechanism or if there are an as yet unseen solenoid acting on the latch, holding the key controls in place, once pushed in.

Does anyone perhaps please have an idea how to fix the problem?




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