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Tannoy System 600 Passive Nearfield Monitors 250 or trade


2006-09-22 1:47 am
hi i am selling my very lightly used Tannoy system 600 6.5" concentric passive nearfield monitors. they are very balanced just like you would expect from recording monitors but with tubes in front of them they just shine all night long. they are in very good to excellent condition. there is a scratch here or there but no chips or dents or any problems with the drivers. i am the first owner and these have only been driven by a 20-30 watt tube amp and never past half volume so there is tons of life left in the drivers. if you have any questions please ask. the only trades i am looking for are either high end full size headphones and a usb tube or hybrid headphone amp and dac. shipping will be what it costs me and i have years of experience shipping extremely fragile items.
thanks for looking


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