Tannoy Oxford Gold


2007-11-07 3:49 pm

I own a pair of Tannoy Mercury S and I love their sound really much. There's a certain warmth, clarity and naturality in them that makes me really like the vintage Tannoy sound, so I'm looking to upgrade to bigger Tannoys, which sound at least as nice as these Mercuries, but also much better. The "red" SRM seem too expensive, but I came across the Oxford Gold in a very good condition.

How much better are they supposed to be vs the Mercury? Is the sound "colour" similar?

I'm also considering a SRM12X but not sure I can afford since they're quite expensive...
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2018-04-17 6:50 pm
You've got a pair of Mercury S in good working condition and that's a bonus!

Unless you're absolutely sure that the Oxford Golds are in equally good condition, and can audition them thoroughly to verify the fact, I would stick to what you already own and love.

Both Tannoy speakers will share a family sound. The difference will mainly be in the extended bass response of the larger enclosures. Are you able to take your Mercurys along for comparison with the Oxfords? Whatever you do, don't buy blind unless they are going for a song!