Tannoy DC driver - box recommendations?


I've been donated a pair of Tannoy 609s from the 1990s. They're the ones with a single, polypropylene (I think) 8" DC driver. Now the boxes are completely shot, but the drivers and crossovers look ok, so I want to repurpose them into my campervan. I've had a good look around, and contacted Tannoy, but no luck. Do any of you have any recommendations for the simplest and smallest box that will do them some sort of justice? Space is obviously at a premium, and it'll also be tricky to get them into a decent listening position, so I'm not after miracles! Just a reasonable compromise. Thanks! Richard
Hard to tell without any specs. I doubt there will be full specs listed somewhere, and old drivers are often not close to the original specs (due to wear and tear).

So best is to measure them or have them measured. A good tool for that is the Dayton DATS system (wich is cheap and certainly worth it if you like to diy with old speakers). Without specs it's gambling...
Thank you for your replies!

It's a bit of a dilemma tbh - I've got these for free, and however I manage to install them in the van, they'll be tucked in between fridges, woodburners and plenty of cupboards. They are very unlikely to be able to be "sympathetically" placed due to the obvious space limitations. BUT - they're much too good to just abandon. The driver in question is the 2033 8" DC, and I can't find detailed or TS specs (and as you quite rightly point out, as they're almost 30 years old, they won't be correct anyway), so it's more a question whether any of you have experimented with them in different enclosures, and have any very general pointers as to what sort of box works with them - sealed or ported, "small" vs "large", that sort of thing.