Tannoy crossovers


2013-04-12 10:13 pm
I have tannoy 3808 drivers, 15", I understand from SRM (Super Red Monitor)

I dont have correct crossovers

Can anyone help with a circuit diagram or even the real parts !
A diy version without tone controls would be simplest and cheapest, probably sound best too.
Ive seen the diagram on here for the 12" version, I assume similar but not the same ?
NO! you Cannot live without the Autoformer.
Sure it will work well without it...
but not even close to what it should/could sound like.. Been there tried it.. Repeatedly.

Depends entirely on how high, or low, one sets one's personal acceptance bar :)

Having said that.. there are at least 2 bespoke makers who supply decent reproductions of the complete Crossover.. Not free though.
Google is useful.

The oem design autoformer is a' Reactive' component and the crossover circuit was Voiced with it. Substituting a simple coil produces audibly different result.. period.
But Hey! fill yer boots trying.. Many have :)
Short answer: You don't.

Long answer: You'd have to have them custom wound for you. This will get expensive.

Alternative: Use the xover design from the Tannoy DC6000, which might well be somewhere in the file section of the Tannoy Yahoo group, as it does without the autoformer.
If it isn't on the yahoo group Roger of Lockwood Audio might be able to help.
Roger knows more about Tannoy DCs than Tannoy themselves.
According to Roger getting rid of the autoformer was a popular upgrade for these until nostalgia took over the market.

Lockwood Audio