Tannoy CMS801 for hi-fi?

I have a line on a whole bunch of these Tannoy ceiling speakers for fairly cheap, recovered from a commercial installation. Any opinions on whether or not the drivers & crossovers could be repurposed into a decent pair of hi-fi speakers if I can come up with nice cabinets?

Specs available here, as well as other places https://www.fullcompass.com/common/files/13325-datasheet.pdf

Graphs look decent, and I’m liking the 92dB sensitivity. Just wondering if anyone has ever done something with ceiling speakers like these? I did read another thread about someone doing something with the 12” version.


2004-08-23 5:59 am
They're probably not much different from what Tannoy used in their home speakers. My guess is the crossover will need some work to adapt to a standard speaker baffle.

If you can get 11-15, think about doing an immersive setup with them (LCR, side, rear, front height, side height makes 11; add 2 for front wide, and 1 or 2 for Voice of God or top height).