Tannoy CMS801 for hi-fi?

I have a line on a whole bunch of these Tannoy ceiling speakers for fairly cheap, recovered from a commercial installation. Any opinions on whether or not the drivers & crossovers could be repurposed into a decent pair of hi-fi speakers if I can come up with nice cabinets?

Specs available here, as well as other places https://www.fullcompass.com/common/files/13325-datasheet.pdf

Graphs look decent, and I’m liking the 92dB sensitivity. Just wondering if anyone has ever done something with ceiling speakers like these? I did read another thread about someone doing something with the 12” version.
They're probably not much different from what Tannoy used in their home speakers. My guess is the crossover will need some work to adapt to a standard speaker baffle.

If you can get 11-15, think about doing an immersive setup with them (LCR, side, rear, front height, side height makes 11; add 2 for front wide, and 1 or 2 for Voice of God or top height).