Tannoy Berkeley HPD 385

Did anyone eperienced replacing tweeter diaphragm in your 15" tannoy ? I guess same diaphragm is used in other vintage drivers like gold or 12" but not sure. Could you please advice where to look for ? Appreciate your advice.

What I'm looking for is :
Replacement Tweeter Diaphragm
P/N 7900-0205

Cheers Marcin
Don't know where you're based, Marcin, but Lockwood Audio is the UK's go-to destination for Tannoy spares and repairs.

May be worth getting in touch re your Berkeleys.

Lockwood Audio

Thx advice Galu. I'm from Poland so Lockwood will be the choice I guess.
Just send them an email and waiting for reply.
Any idea on Lockwood Audio costs of reconing of bass or fixing tweeter if anyone did so ?