Tannoy 8" dc - good buy?

Frankly?? No !
Tannoy is a venerable brand name. But they have resorted to capitalising on their name/brand... for survival me thinks.. and old and oft repeated scenario. Many/ most of their current products are not even close to being as good as their older products.
Suggest saving up for a Pair of Alnico powered 12" Tannoy dual concentrics from early 70's.
Sometimes these are ridiculous priced sometimes surprisngly affordably. Entirely dependent on the vendor, how long they have owned them etc.. and pure avarice.
No other Tannoy is worth considering for real world in home uses and Never Ever sell it again purposes.
Harsh? perhaps?.. but also frighteningly accurate /true.. IMO.
Either buy the Rolls Royce or the Yugo.. your choice.
I never liked the sound of the plastic 8" dc drivers that I owned (Tannoy 611) but these look like paper so may be worth a try. Also the 611 was a budget speaker so could explain why they weren't very good.
I'd arguably say that the 10" dc (got to be paper) is the best size for midrange but maybe a better quality 8" (than the plastic 611) would be very good too?
Thanks for the replies. I understand the newer products might not match the quality of vintage gear, but do they match the competition?

Most of the prosound coaxs aren't as smooth as tannoy...they seem to compromise the throat transition. I prefer new but I'll keep an eye out for golden era products.