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Tang Band speaker kits

I've put together some complete kits using the Tang Band W4-657D in a double bass reflex enclosure.


The cabinet panels are CNC machined 18mm MDF with slots and rebates for accurate and easy assembly.


All hardware is included, drivers, port tubes, terminal plates, acoustic wadding, connecting wire, solder, screws, gasket tape etc.

Full details here:

Hi nycello,

My apologies for not replying sooner but I've been away and now playing catch-up!

The kit comes in 2 packages (one contains all the hardware) and owing to the weight of the cabinets, shipping costs from the UK to the USA are horrendous, like 200USD :eek:

I'm not sure if the driver has been discontinued and am in the process of making enquiries with the supplier. However, I can supply the kits from stock.

By popular request I'm now offering the kit with grilles.



I've also mastered ARTA and got a an FR graph.


Owing to testing limitations (small room), response below 200Hz is not an actual representation. The rest of the graph suggests the speaker is within 3dB up to 20K.