Tang B Voigt? + FR system update

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Partially a repost of my system update and further thoughts; (posted this at end of original thread though suspect lost in time and space..)

Att. jpegs; amps and T/Ss of the drivers i mention here

speaker - sidelined as I snapped up a pair of BK mosfets for the power amp for my second system; have been creating the attached with these. (modded within bounds of limited knowledge)

Meanwhile; thoughts on the full-range have developed/mutated.
I think (reading between many lines) that I would likely prefer a driver from Tang Band, so will narrow focus on that.

Preferred Brief; Voigt/TQWT or something on those lines. definitely a floorstander. under £100 per driver though super gains might tempt a little more.

I am thinking W5-2143 might be my preferred driver having read various stuff.

Might these work in a Frugel? - I note W5-1611saf does and TS's of 2143 seem to lie within differences of this + alpair11+1611
N.B. I would assume W5-2106 would be fine in frugal being v.similar to 1611

I have trawled the net for a TQWT/voigt or similar for 2143 to no avail
I do note the 4 inch version (2142) does have a pipe design; Lautsprecher Shop | Perfect Line S | Lautsprecher Selbstbau
and the TSs look like its a similar driver - basically a 4'' version

(There is also a pipe for what looks like a 6’’ version pf 2143 with added whizzer
Lautsprecher Shop | Perfect Line | Lautsprecher Selbstbau
too expensive)

I am sure there might be a medium somewhere twixt these 2 that would suit 2143?
any suggestions?

I guess the woden silbury is pretty specific to Alpair(?) - looks epic, and would be very tempted if this might work with a TangB...

Sounds like i am going round in circles a bit, though previous comments have been the catalyst of these further thoughts, and feel I am getting much closer!


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With the TBs you get a lot of products evolving as they run thru parts. I expect the Wx-9999 named drivers to have evolved from older drivers.

Given the churn you will find that many of the newer TBs do not have cabinets yet.

A Voiht (please note the spelling) has been shown to be bestif mass-loaded, and if you are starting from scratch needs to be modeled like any other TL.

But the Frugel-Horn (and to a lesser extent) the TABAQs have been shown to be fine with a variety of drivers, and given the tuneability i do not expect this driver in FH would be a dissapointment.

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