Taming the KSN-1141?

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Hi All,
Quite a while back I posted about revamping my fiancee's Disco speakers, where we ended up removing some KSN-1005 tweeters that seemed to have blown and replaced them with KSN-1141s (thanks to 'Swedish Chef' for that recommendation).

They were always a little bit over active on the treble side after that, but have survived nicely for a while. I'm now noticing an unpleasant distortion in these speakers around the upper-mid frequencies, I'm not sure if I'm hearing the bad top end of the drivers (as there is no crossover) or whther we've managed to damage the tweeters....

Anyway, we have now revamped some other speakers we aquired which appear to be in a premanufactured box. They had got two completely different 100W 12" drivers in them, along with two old CTS piezo horn tweeters (Poss. KSN-1025 or something) which had blown.
We've stuck into these boxes 2x Eminence Delta 12 400W speakers and 2x KSN-1141 Horn Tweeters, and basically they sound nice - BUT

There is way too much treble coming out of the Piezos - With an untewaked input signal, the treble overpowers the bass quite a bit making these things a little less pleasant to listen to unless we turn down the Hi on the Eq.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to attenuate these tweeters so that they aren't so shrill? Any ideas? (BTW: I've got some 47ohm 25W resistors in case they're any use - I read the the KSN-1165 was best used with one of these - might this help the 1141s?)

Also, these tweeters are rated 200W (400W protected) and I think they refer to the 200w at (4ohms). Given that we're driving each speaker with a 200W/ch amp, we may be pushing this a bit close to the edge. I'm thinking of getting some of the round KSN-1165s to go in the cabinet (there's no space for another 1141) to take the strain off of one single horn. How should I wire these up though??

And question number three - Can anyone point me in the direction of a suitable ready-made passive crossover that might handle up to the 400w limit of the speaker?

Oops - That's my terrible spelling (or typing) - 'untewacked' was meant to be 'untweaked'...

Untweaked was used it indicate the the input has not been changed - I.e. My tone controls are all flat, and there's no other form of Equaliser or signal processing.

What I find strange is that in two different pairs of speakers - One pair (our originals) sound fine like this, but in the new pair the exact same tweeters seem to be giving off much more sound.
Hello, I know it's an old thread, but 2 things with these tweeters, their volume needs to be matched to the woofer with an L-pad, and the other trick is to use spikey (anoehic shaped) open cell foam around the outskirts of the outer edge of the horn. this stops, or at least attenutes the reflective signle that heads back down the horn. Horns tend to work like a length of pipe and have a resonent freq. I had the same problem with my PA bin's with a shrill peak. I put this down to a resonense and added the foam to kill the reflection, vola, different speaker, very smooth for a horn. The bins use 15" venoms and these horns in a 2-way system, and as a PA bin, with 500wrms a channel sound great, which is a suprise. I use the same trick for domes in my house and it sharpens and details the top end noticably, beats most electronic changes. Try it, you'll be amazed!!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.