Take the plunge


2007-12-24 4:39 am
Hey...it is almost 08...what the #&%* happened to 2000 and the world coming to an end? To all of you wanting to take the plunge re; rolling your own speakers...I say go for it! The freaks on these pages are the best! I want to say big thanks to BHD/GM/KENSAI/PLANET10 for all the help over on the fullrange forum. I ordered the BOFU20/PIEZO AND PARTS. I am going with the 22ohm resistor and will try a uF3.3 cap. Yeah baby- I sound like a pro. Thanks again.
New deal-Now that the speaker bug has bitten I am planning to build a pair of party speakers for a bud. He stated that he wanted to plan a superbowl party(go cowboys) and I thought I would surprise him with the speakers- here is what I am thinking
Cabs-24"-12"-10"/Eminence 10" Alpha/Piezo 3x7. I shall run the Eminence fullrange(is that ok)and a resistor and cap on the Piezo...oh...the port will be 3x6.
What say you???
Go big in 08!!!