Takamine TS1 Acoustic Guitar Pre Amp

Don't give up

You might have to buy one to make your gig on Saturday or something, but don't give up. This is DIYaudio, so just do it. I have used a complicated digital data recording system that had sunk in the Mediterranean for a week. (repair shop mule, they weren't sending it back to Ethiopia or anything). That company also was using as a mainframe a computer that had been bombed at the University of Wisconsen by the weather underground. their labor costs were a little below average, and you, as an amateur, have no labor costs at all! Think what you can learn! without tuition!
Take any battery out of your device, open it completely,unplug everything, wash off with detergeant and water, rinse with de-ionized water. Erase the connectors with pink pearl eraser or equivalent.Dry for 3 days in a dry room, or a toaster oven set to just barely warm. Try it. If no go, find a schematic & we'll help you work through it.
My H182 organ had been on fire once before I bought it. Dealer service didn't replace the burned wiring! I did, and now it has it's Own Fuse! life gets better & better, Kanzai they say.
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