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TAG Mclaren 125m power amplifier X 2 - RRP £1200 (each) - relisted

Unit has been owned since new in a smoke free environment.
Both units work flawlessly.

Am happy to post at cost, or would prefer to meet mid way to exchange (live in York, happy to meet anywhere near mountain biking).

A real no-compromise solution, the 125M has massive power reserves for fast and accurate transient response and control of most 'difficult' loudspeaker loads. Channel separation is completely perfect - as each channel has it's own dedicated amplifier. An added bonus is the ability to place the 125M very close to each individual loudspeaker, allowing shorter cables and resulting in more precise control.

As with all TAG McLaren Audio power amplifiers, 'Straight Line Technology' provides the shortest, most accurate path for the signal. The benefit is a great sound!

125M Mono Power Amplifier

Digitally-controlled muting
'Straight Line Technology'
Gold-plated phono connectors
Massive toroidal power transformer
Multi-room or multi-zone applications
Proprietary Sorbothane® sonic isolation feet
Signal output to connect to other power amplifiers
Duplicated loudspeaker terminals for bi-wired speaker
125 W per (single channel) into rated load impedance (8 Ω),
200 W into 4 Ω and 275 W into 2 Ω for short periods
This section is for those of you who really want to know the 'insides' of your 125M. You will not miss out on any of the functions or performance of your 125M if you choose not to read any further.
rated output
power 125 W per channel into rated load impedance (8 W)
200 W into 4 W and 275 W into 2 W for short periods
typical output
power 145 W per channel into rated load impedance (8 W)
240 W into 4 W and 320 W into 2 W for short periods
input for full
rated power 1.13 V rms
impedence 47 kW nominal
gain 29.0 dB at 1 kHz
signal to noise greater than 96 dB (relative to 0 dbW)
frequency response (-3 dB) 0.1 Hz - 75 kHz
frequency response
(20 Hz - 20 kHz) ± 0.3 dB
total harmonic
distortion + noise less than 0.05%
polarity(phase) non-inverting for all inputs and outputs
operating temperature range 10 - 35oC
ac supply
frequency 50 - 60 Hz
ac supply
voltage 110 -120 V or 220 - 240 V
The voltage is marked on the rear of the unit
consumption less than 300 W
(including feet,
terminals and controls) 445 mm wide
75 mm high
333 mm deep
We reserve the right to alter design and specification without notice
Specification may vary for different countries

User Manual - http://www.iaguk.co.uk/tag/125m_instructions.pdf

A few reviews:

125M Mono Power Amplifier

"The best S/N ratio we have measured in the last few years."
"The best channel separation measured ever in a line preamplifier."
"The Stereo image is excellent in all dimensions. Music is pleasant,

lyric and realistic."

HXOS (Sound) and Hi-Fi Magazine
"The F3 range-toppers are agile devices. They offer strong imagery, in particular when highlighting differences between alternative recordings. The sound stage contracted and expanded both front-to-back and left-to-right with different productions. Timing was competent, speed impressive.

"If the Audiolab sound appealed to you, then this combination should represent a worthy step up the ladder towards audio Nirvana.

"Build, finish and styling are exemplary."

Hi-Fi Choice

"No miracle, to achieve top class in the listening test the 125Ms required only a few minutes. Then, still in the warm-up laps, they took off - more powerful and more detailed... Whoever questions the musical pedigree of the newly-established design team is wrong. TAG McLaren Audio, with its first products, is already in the fast lane... Top class"