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    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

TAD Tubes where are they from?

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> hmm there made in germany.

I'm sure that TAD shops the whole world and selects the best tubes from all suppliers to sell under the TAD brand. Same as Groove Tubes and several other trusted-brand marketers. Same as Realistic in the 1980s. Same as most "RCA" tubes in the 1960s-70s: RCA listed every tube type but only made about half in-house, contracting-out the rest. Today there are only a handful of tube factories, so you can guess where they come from. If TAD sells a lot of tubes, they can contract for a better (or cheaper) grade of tube than that factory makes for other distributors.
TAD tests, sorts and rebrands Chinese tubes (from the Shuguang factory, IIRC). The do a good job of it, too. I haven't heard of any quality issues with the tubes they sell.

For what it's worth, their short-bottle 6L6 has been very well received for guitar amps. Very nice tone.
Hello all,
thanks a lot for information, this conforts me. A better quality supplyer is better than straggle around to find tubes not allways of a good quality.
In the catalog there is a full list of tubes and their origin, perhaps China, JJ, Sovtek etc... but, the most interesting are the power ones with stronger glass and gold plated pins and grids, black anodes and so on...
They have also a lot of parts like sockets, for 807 too. I made four sockets for my last amplifier becouse I couldn't find them. It took me about six months of after dinner working, now they are unique in the world, but at first, I had preffered to buy them.
Thanks again for helping out,
well i finally picked up 2 sets for my old bogen amps. some things
i noticed was the quality is as good as the original 6l6gb or better.
the tube filament wires are a thinner wire than the 6l6gb so startup time is way faster and the amps do run a little cooler than before. with the old 6l6gb tubes there was alot of loose base.
this tube has real Tight base lots more detail in the music.

all in all mholz was right in saying there good for guitar amps.
and there still good for the vintage amps to:D


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TAD by Shuguang.

The TAD KT 88 is made by Shuguang of China, to TAD spec.
The giveaway is the ring round the bottom of the base plus the tags on the upper mica.

The 12AX7 is also a Shuguang valve, see the double top mica & chrome clip around the plates, dead giveaway!

The EL34 is also Shuguang, same internals/base.

Cant say about other TAD tubes, but very likely Shuguang, too cheap to be made anywhere else! :)
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