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TAD TD-4002

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Pictures of the TAD 4002


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I am Still have the Drivers in excellence. They are In a fraction of its price.
Mint state, in and out.
Any special thing for trade. I am not using it.
Special Tweeter ? Fostex horn one? a Pioneer Excellence?
Thanks for watch.
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The buyer has many problems now because the drivers don't measure as he hope.
The membranes are visually intact and the voice coils are with continuity.
He asking for return to me two drivers that he consider that not measure like the original one.
The drivers traveled from Spain to the Norway but there, in the mail post they coming afraid the drivers are bombs and returned to Spain, then they was ship by UPS. The ship were payed by the seller, with a rebate over the original price. The buyer consider that is a minor excuse.
I consider that this kind of drivers, are expensive, the retail price is about 3995 U$ dollar each unit.
also, this kind of articles are with mobile parts, they are delicate parts and the transportation is also a source of damage and at the end I considerate formerly that is impossible in break the deal.
I asking for any other opinion over the deal that I can not see like gentleman in a world of gentlemen of Diyaudio.
I would hope that insurance was purchased from the shipping company. If so who ever purchased the shipping company would file a claim, and receive a refund from the shipping company. If the seller was the one who purchased the rebate or insurance from UPS. Then they would need to issue a refund, and file a claim with the shipping company.

Yes the beryllium diaphragm is fragile, extreme care must be taken when shipping.
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.