tad 1602 hornloading


Nice driver, but 'best' is dependent on the app and the owner's performance preferences, so while a BR cab is fine for some, only a large compression horn will do for another. Its specs allow a wide range of cab options, but if you have two good corners in a room that allows the proper listening distance or can use DIY false ones and willing to use digital time delay if necessary, then corner loaded anything is the best way to go IMO.

Check with the folks at http://audioheritage.csdco.com/vbulletin/ for whether or not a Hartsfield 'clone' is a good match. Regardless, I'm not much of a JBL fan so they will be able to offer much more insight into what are the 'best' matches to your horns.

After listening some systems, I'm going to make a different choice, no horn for midbass BUT...

a strong power amp.

I've ordered Crown K1 to use with TAD 1601a ...

my modest conclusion is that horn are great when needed, I mean when a small diaphragm (TAD2001 1") must cover a wide range like 600 to 20000 Hz, a good horn can do it and nothing can replace quality of such a good speaker.
When talking about midbass and bass, a good cone and a very good amplifier can do a good job, maybe better than horns when considering group delay.

I've only listen to 150Hz bass horn and it's huge, if you want to use horn below 150 Hz, prepare to have more than 4 meters diameter horn :D :D :D

for corner load, klipshhorn seems great but also huge...
the bass Im looking for would be something that has fast tranisent attack. be able to go low, lets say we were listen to some old fleetwood mac on 1/2 speed recording on vinyl - hearing every change of every size drum, every note of the bass player.
I have owened a pair of ess amt 1a's and thought the bass sucked, mids were fair , highs were crisp too crisp, but much improved with a tube amp. sweeten them up.
also owened the polk audio's loved the mids when the sax was a playing.
so ths should give you a good idea what kind of sound I'm looking 4. cam i acheive this with the comination of drivers i have choosen / tad 1601 and jbl 2420 1" alco driver and 2445 horn.
thanks inadvance bill

Vinyl doesn't go very low, so a compression loaded horn system down to 35-40Hz is sufficient, ergo 'cloning' a large Edgar system suffices. Since you have two good corners though, using dual TADs (to keep the horn short) in 70-80Hz exponential front loaded corner horns may be sufficient if there's enough room gain, otherwise some small sealed cabs loaded with high excursion sub drivers can be used to fill in the bottom octave.

Not that using a triangular corner loaded vented cab is a bad plan, for most folks it's more than adequate, so maybe a good plan is to build one to see if it 'fills the bill', though I strongly recommend it be made from at least 19mm void free plywood such as 11-13 ply Baltic Birch, Appleply, etc..

If you choose this approach, then I recommend putting the LF driver (preferably two) at ~ear height on at least a 44" wide front removable baffle to control directivity to well below the XO point and allow for rear mounting the driver/tacking on a decent size front horn later if you feel the need. Place the vent at floor level on a separate baffle board so tuning can be tweaked easily.

Tad 1602 is not suitable for horn loading. Horns in general do not have good low bass response, and are not satisfactory for general "pop" music, unless they are about the size of a garage door. Most old designs used a ported box behind the horn for bass below about 120hz, and have a real thin sound unless bass is EQ'ed up a lot. 1602 should be in a box of at least 6 cubic feet, and can be experimented with sealed to varying port configurations to obtain bass that is pleasing to you. In general, high end woofers designed for super "tight" reponse may not produce as pleasing bass as woofers that are underdamped, with much smaller magnets.


2008-11-25 1:08 pm
The TAD range of woofers are typical "monitor" type woofers, and not your classic driver for horn loading. The 1602 is even more so, with specs actually more suitable for so-called hifi systems... It goes deeper than the 1601 range, and is really fast enough to go well together with horns for the rest of a system. If you are looking exceptional potent bass, two x 1602 in a well built reflex cabinet really sings.