TA7317P protection IC

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I ordered two of these IC's for my two monoblock power amps that are under construction at the moment. As the amp design is my own invention from "head to toe" I want to make sure that if something goes wrong the loss is minimal.

I have one question though. It is regarding to the o/p stage over current detection functionality of this IC. The only datasheet I found was very skinny and had minimal information about suggested application...

Does anyone have any experience how would be the best way to create an over current protection with this IC. I suppose this IC is used in many amps produced over the years. If any of you remember any good solutions for the circuit for Over Current protection then please let me know.
Hi Ergo

I just bought a Parasound HCA3500 to modify and it uses the TA7317 protection IC. Maybe Parasound would cough up a schematic for the 3500. Their service department email and phone numbers are on their website.

I also found a schematic for the internal workings of the TA7317 (but it has no info on how to implement it) and a one-page thing showing the pin-out which is almost useless. I'd be happy to send you these sheets as PDF files if you want.

Also, where did you find the TA7317s to buy? I also thought they would be good for other amp projects plus I wanted to have some backup for the Parasound amp. I searched all over the internet with no luck.


ergo said:
I finally found a schematic which uses this specific IC

If anyone else out there is stuck with the same problem, feel free to mail me and I will send a sample schematic of how to use the IC.

PS. I got my IC's from Finland and company Suomen Huoltooalvelu OÜ. They have a reseller here in Estonia...



The post is old but I need information on this circuit.

I'm collecting schematics on the TA7317. If someone have some, please contact me or directly email to me the schematic part where can be see the TA7317 in situation.

TA7317 is used in this equipements:

Onkyo A-8017
Luxman A-311
Technics SU-V3
Parasound HCA3500

list not close.
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