t-line enclosure for focal polykevlar ? please!!!

hello there speaker junkies, i have been lucky enough to aquire two focal polykevlar 6.5"woofer and am hoping someone out there could tell me if a t-line is feasible. here are specs... thanks
fs 52hz
vas 16.1 L
Qts .39 Qes .41 Qms 7.41

Sd 124.7 cm2
x max 3.5
Re 5.8 ohms
sens 89.2db
i have been given one suggestion of line 63" at sd x1.
I am looking to make a folded line similar to pmc design.
cheers and thanks
Offhand, I'd say those are more suited to a tower type bass reflex, AKA MLTL. Focal drivers tend to work well in these. For a time many of their kits used them. This is basically a stretched BR ~1m tall with a port at the bottom. The pipe action tends to pump up the midbass a bit - exactly where you'd typically have a dip in a too big BR with a lowish Q driver.

They might be OK in a 'pure' TL if you are using a high output impedance source, a SET tube amp for example.

The whole notion of Sd as a design parameter is pretty outmoded. Line volume depends on Vas etc. Definitely read through Martin King's TL site, www.quarter-wave.com.

yes i think a BL or MLBL might be the go as it is my first project..i think it must me the design concept that excites me though, i have tried MJK mathcad and i dont think its working for me? plus i truly only got my first computer 2 mths ago!! very interested just lacking skills at this stage all responses are very welcome indeed:D