T-amp mod service


2008-04-05 10:06 pm
I have a sonic impact T amp Gen2 and really like it. After reading all the reviews, I am thinking about getting modded T-amp. Can someone suggest some places where I can buy modded T-amp? I know audiomagus carries them, but they only have modded trends and Kingrex. I am looking for more choices. Thanks
T-Amp Mods

The genesis of the T-Amp mods makes the T-Rex and Trends more susceptible to modification. These T-Amps provide more space in the chassis for modification. The SI chassis tends to be compact and not mod friendly.

There may be other modification options, but you will have to pursue that on your own. Another alternative is Red Wine Audio This was one of the first modifiers of the T-Amps which has flourished into a successful business.

If you do find alternatives, please, post them here.
You, know, this is the DIY forum, and we can't let you off the hook without making the suggestion that you either do the mods yourself or build one of the kits such as the 41hz.com amp6, which is very easy to solder together and requires no really special skills. Putting it in a case is super simple, and requires access to a drill and very little else.

You want options? This way, they're almost unlimited. And for the money, you'll always get something more fantastic that if you paid somebody else to do it. Music never sounds so sweet as on things you put together yourself.