T-AMP Mod problem noobie Q's


I bought an original T-Amp on eBay a little while ago. I wanted to put it in a new enclosure with nicer Binding posts and RCA plugs. I rewired everything and it seemed to be in working order. I tested it out and it worked good. The next day I plugged it in and nothing. The red LED turns on but no sound out of the test speakers. The only sound is a faint pot in the right channel. I am new at the DIY audio game, so be gentle if I have done anything stupid wrong.

I would Appreciate any suggestions as to how I could fix this amp.
Okay. A T-amp is a Class D type amplifier, and there's a Class-D forum.

For the problem illustrated, first check the power output voltage of your power supply. Next, if you have replaced the input filter caps or potentiometer, see that the input isn't grounded out. Check the binding posts to be sure that they're insulated from each other and insulated away from the enclosure.
After that, some flux, a desoldering iron or bulb, and the folks at the Class-D forum can help you the rest of the way.