t-amp is pushing speaker cone out


Paid Member
2004-10-07 6:05 am
I can sure guess! DC offset.
What can happen, and probably has in your case, it that there is a path to ground after the input caps. You do have input caps, right? There is about 2.5V on the inputs. If this gets pulled down toward ground, you'll see DC at the outputs. That DC will push your speaker cone. It only takes a small "leak" to ground to do this. Be sure there is no DC path to ground between the input caps and the chip. If the amp works OK otherwise, this is likely the problem.

You should see 1/2 the power supply voltage (above ground) on the speaker terminals of most T-amps. But you should see this on both neg AND pos terminals from ground, but not between the neg and pos. This is normal. The DC offset mentioned above is not.