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heres my spare wheel sub install

heres my spare wheel sub install .i have allways wanted to make one of theys .wen i got me estate car i new it was time to do it. as it has a hard flap witch covers the spare wheel compartment with a nice space between the tyre and the hard flap .iv had this sub in my loft for about 3 years as iv bean using another one .this is the smallest i have and space was a issue as i needed to drill a hole in the MDF prity central to bolt it to the spare wheel to minamise vibration and not to bend the MDF .. if aneybody wants aney tips or help regarding this ill be more than happy to help .thanks for reading Daryl


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Three Symbilink's
One Reference 500s (rear fill to a pair of MOREL 6 x 9's)
Two Reference 1000s/sx (One for a pair of Infinity Kappa 6.5's and one for the Sub) :D


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Work truck.

Hi All,

I just took some quick pics of my work truck. I spend a lot of time driving around and the stock stereo sucked. So I decided to use some equipment that had been in boxes for years. The head unit is a new Pioneer single din with all the bells and whistles. Everything else Is from the 90's. In the doors I have some MB quarts Q series tweeters and 5 1/4 Lanzar mids with xovers. The subwoofer is a PPI pro 10 with under hung voice coil. It's mounted in a 1.25 cubic foot bassreflex box tuned to about 32hz with a precision port. The amplifier is a three channel Xtant 3300x. I built and carpeted the box in just a few hours so it not my best work.



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Had a little time to kill today, so I decided to work on the sub box for my Dodge truck. Last year I finished the box, but didn't have time to install it. Too many projects not enough time. I started the box by making a template of the opening of the storage well. Then laid one layer of fiberglass to get a mold of the well. Pulled the mold out of the truck to lay 4 more layers of mat. Then I attached the top with epoxy and screws. I finished the box with a spray on truck bed liner, the finish seems to hold up well. For safety I wanted the box bolted down, so I fabricated brackets that use the factory bolt locations to hold it in place. The subwoofer is a fi audio Q series 10" with all the options. That's all I have for today. More to come, hopefully sooner than later.



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Here is my work in my work in progress.....delayed from winter and car accident.

Bought everything new at once for the install and only got half way through and smashed the car. Now I have boxes of audio goodness just waiting to be installed.

Optima battery up front, I used 4 runs of 4ga pure copper wiring for main power run to a central distribution, from there are it turns into 2 runs of knukonceptz 0ga back to another fused distribution then 0ga to both amps. I used all Stinger premium hardware, distribution, grounds, wire reducers etc. The grounds are compromised of 4 runs of knuconceptz 4ga to distribution then 2 runs of 0ga to amps. Added additional grounds at front battery and did big 3 up grade with copper wire. Have a nice shiny 250amp alternator ready to go.

New alpine head unit mounted. Decided to finally invest in decent rca cables so I picked up sky high car audio premium cables in a 4 channel and 2 channel braid.

For sound I have RE Audio 6.5” components in doors, dynomat in doors, foam baffle for sub.

In the backseat there are 2 coaxial 6.5” drivers and 2 RE Audio 2.5” high energy tweets.

In the trunk I built and carpeted the enclosure but will soon be redoing it.

2 RE Audio sx 10’s (the good ones from pre sellout) should take a clean 2k each!

1 RE Audio 65kv.1 monoblock pushing subs.

1 RE Audio 4250 for the mids and highs.

Still have alot to do so stay tuned, I am dying to hear this in action. Looking for a sql result as I feel I have conquered the spl with my last build....


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Another Work Truck Subwoofer.

I recently finished this little build, so I thought I would share. Let's start with the amp, it's a Kicker KX400 and needed to be repaired, kept blowing the fuse. I opened it up and found shorted MOSFETs and a blown capacitor. I replaced all the bad parts and got it up and running again. The amp was given to me and parts plus shipping was under $20, not a bad deal and it was fun to repair.
The 10" subwoofer was also given to me but had an open coil, so a recone was in order. The driver is out of a home audio subwoofer. After taking the driver apart and taking accurate measurements I was able to find all the parts needed to repair it. The original coil had 13mm of measured Xmax one way, the new coil is actually a replacement for an Alpine Type R, and has 18mm Xmax. I used a single medium stiffness spider and hand stitched the tinsel leads. The cone is a non pressed kraft pulp and high roll foam surround. And the dust cap is carbon fiber. The dust cap just looks great. After assembly and a little break in I used the DATS woofer tester to get the T/S parameters.
With parameters in hand I used WinISD to design a simple sealed box. I think I ended up with a Qtc of .69 with the space I had available. The box is made of MDF and sprayed with truck bed liner. I'm using an AudioControl LC2i to interface with the stock stereo. Overall I'm very happy with how it turned out, it sounds great and was a fun project. Thanks for looking.



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Got back into the game this past summer after a 20 year hiatus, altho only as a hobby now. Binged on ebay and local craigs list and bought 30 old amplifiers, mostly 80s and 90s Orions and Rockfords. In the middle of building a radical Foxbody convertible (altered wheelbase, caged, widened, road race/street build) and have decided it will not have a back seat and be stuffed full of Orion HCCA power, 15" Dr. Crankenstein subs as well as some Amega (swedish made) components. May use my mint condition, owned since new unicorn Pioneer CD1000 to split the signal from an Alpine head unit and Orion pre-amp.

Now......some practice systems from the summer:
Did my buddy's Fox vert with 6 stealth speakers, 2 amps and a powered baby sub under the retracted roof; turned out ok, he is super happy; I'm like.....meh.......not enough power and zero bass IMO. Gorgeous car and he is rockin and happy, so Led Zeppelin is cranked whenever he shows up here, lol.

Also did ex gf's Fox Mustang coupe - 4 Rockford 10's on 3/4" MDF baffle plates, aka free air, with 3 Orion amps, 6 component speakers and some passive crossovers, all stealth as well. The thing rocks, the neighbors said their dishes were rattling in the basement..........Still have to do a final tune and put the HCCA225R into a 1 ohm mono load to run the subs. Will be much better once I get another couple of hours of tweaking completed.
It's winter here (9*F today) so the cars are all put away until April.

Gotta figure out how to post pics of the installs; when Photobucket bombed out, all my build threads etc got really limited in terms of photos, I think my account is full.
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