System compatibility

If the output is digital sound, and so is the input, why not?
Or stick a receiver dongle and use the Bluetooth / Wi Fi off your unit, if it does that.
Here in India, tablets and large screen phones are now being used by DJs....effects, songs, controls, all sent wirelessly to amps.
Both BT and Wi Fi seem to be used, and in a party, who cares about high quality sound?
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The product blurb states "The RXD2 USB stick receiver connects directly to Windows or Mac computers, or with any Samson Expedition Series portable PA system (sold separately) that features a USB wireless port." It does not mention that it will work with any other brand of PA system.
I want to use this as a "standard" PA system for voice and not DJ or music.
They are all audio files - music, voice, DJ...

Just see what happens when you put it in a computer, that will tell you what it is.
Most likely a normal enough wireless / Bluetooth receiver, with specific drivers.
And see what you PA may have a DAC inside to convert USB to audio.
Should work..

Otherwise, use a FM module ur another type of USB to audio converter in your amp.
You can connect the RXD2 USB stick receiver line/headphone output to MIPRO MA705 line-in via a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

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