Syracuse, NY fling?

Hey all,

I am in Buffalo, NY area and was wondering if there would be any one interested in fullrange/single driver/SET get together this summer? I was thinking Syracuse because it is central to New England, Toronto, Cleveland,Pittsburgh, NYC, Philadelpia/DC/Baltimore, Montreal etc, etc...

Rent a conference room at a hotel.... drag out gear and and enjoy! I have rented conference rooms before, typically around $150 for the day. And of sufficient size for a small group of us (usually Hyatt or whoever has larger ones if there is enough people interested). Split a number of ways it would be cheap to rent the room.

Voting "I".........

Tim Williamson
[email protected]

PS, system in transition below: Klipsch Cornwalls (now idle), custom 300Bs, Carys on floor... and the best discovery of late, Lyeco full range drivers in TQWT....


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Syracuse shindig...

Hey guys,

I am waiting for Radisson to give me call back about conference rooms. Since some of you seem to know Syracuse better than me.... is the address of Radisson (701 East Genesee Street) near anything? Wife might come out, but not hang during the day with the wired wack-0s (surprised?!).... and is wondering if it is close to anything.... walking wise....?