Synth Book w/ Lots of GOOD Analog Schematics?


2009-05-29 7:44 pm

I'm trying to think of a Christmas present for myself. I don't want socks this year!

Can someone recommend an exception book that has a lot of good analog circuits? Something about doing modulation like the moog analog synths would be fabulous. I don't care so much about history - I just want circuits with descriptions.

I have The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill. It is a great fundamentals book with many good circuit examples. I don't expect to find something of that caliber but hopefully there is something remotely good that covers other topics.

Also, is there a good analog synth forum somewhere?

I don't know about that but there's really nice free modular synthesizer software here. Pic below gives an idea what it looks like in action.


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