Switching Power Supplys and Aleph Amplifiers

Has anyone ever tried using a switching power supply in building an Aleph amplifier. It seems like there would be at least some advantages in using one. There is a 1kw switching supply that might work for this sort of thing at the A&T web site.
Let me know your thoughts on this possibility.
Mark Gulbrandsen
Salt Lake City

There is no specs for the actual supply. Usually Switching supplies have high noise, although they can be designed to minimize this, Hopefully this supply is. The Amplifier probably also has a very high rejection of noise from the power supply rails, whereas the Aleph doesn't, I think.

I'm the proud owner of two 2.9kW supplies designed for the telecoms industry, with 2mV (max) noise across the voice band region, that I'm just itching to use in a decent Class A system, once I get home.

Cheers, Adrian
These supplies switch at 75khz so I don't think that any noise would be a problem. I would think that an array of film caps might bypass it quite well anyway. It can be easier to get rid of HF noise than the 60, or 120hz ripple on a brute force supply.
It was just a thought that I may end up actually trying out. It does mean more heatsinking, or perhaos even a seperate enclosure for the supply. This may be a really good case in point to go to water cooled heatsinking. I am thinking in terms of Aleph 2's for this project and being dual mono these supplies should loaf along.

P.S. I have a Soundstream DA-2 power amp with a switching supply. When this amp is biased right it is very good sounding but my 1946 RCA 721 television visually picks up the supply from quite a distance!!