Switching power supply

I have a Sony DVD player that was designed useing a switching power supply the model number is NS3100ES.I've allready gone thru the analog section and improved upon all the cap's in the signal path as well as the Cap's for the supply filtering Replaced the JRC opamp in the front channel with National4562.Small cost but huge improvement going back to the switching power supply the bridge rectifier use's four generic LT 1N4005 Diodes my question is is it worthwhile useing softstart or shotkey Diodes in switching power supplies I know that they can reap a benefit in analog supplies but does this also apply to switcher's
Yes that is what i meant

I am less famaliar with switching supplies versus linear i do known that switching supplies tend to be noisey and that they operate at higher frequiences it would be quiet a endeaverour to replace the switching supply in this unit anyone else have a thought on excangeing the diodes to soft recovery or shotkkey types?