Switch between 2 i2s signals


2012-01-21 11:18 am

I'm building a bi-amp with 2x dual chip TPA3116 boards for my floor standing speakers at my TV.

I have a Sabre ES9023 dac board, with i2s interface.

For that I get optical from the TV to a spdif to i2s board, to feed the DAC.

Simple digital to analog.

BUT. I wan't to add bluetooth for my amp, when I listen to music. So I bought a cheap bluetooth 4.0 board with i2s interface.

Now.... The easy solution was another DAC board, and then just switch on the analog side, but that seems waste of space in amp, and waste of money.

How do I go from one i2s signal to another? Can I just put a 5-pole switch in between and do it mechanically? My guess is no.