Swap meet ads for links to Eprey....

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Is it just me or do many find it annoying and against the spirit of the forum to simply post links to ebay auctions in the swap meet forum.....

I was under the impression that the purpose of the swap meet was to offer audio parts or gear to other enthusiasts at a reasonable price to help others out.

To me, simply linking to auctions is just an attempt to get more coverage or exposure and does not benefit diyaudio members in any way. If they wanted to shop on ebay they would be on ebay and not here.....

Just my 2 sense...:eek:
I confess I have put up eBay links in swap meet for items I am selling.

I have stated that to be the case, and offered additional discounting to DIYA members (just tell me you are a DIYA member, so that I know....)

Only in one case, has a buyer been from here (to my knowledge) and that member got preferential pricing. It was also my largest single order sale. So we both win.
Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I feel like the forum is a place to offer things exclusively to other audio enthusiast that may be interested. I resort to eBay when I’m trying to make the most money, I offer something here when I’m trying to help someone else out with something I think that might need that might be helpful to another DIYer.

Maybe I’m just getting old car but I see a lot of new members, with not many post, I threw up a bunch of links to eBay stuff in the swap me for him, and I get the feeling it’s just to get more exposure. Perhaps in an effort to drive the price up for a certain population who are interested in such things. Maybe it’s just capitalism, or maybe I’m just ranting. ....
I dont agree that sales should be exclusive to DIYA, per se, but preferential pricing for known members is at least offering members "something extra".

I certainly have no issue doing this - the one member I have sold to, bought the items at cost (so absolutely no profit made) - and I think that is more than fair treatment of our community.

Certainly, I still have 90% stock of the items bought in bulk, and sold at cost to a DIYA member, so in actuality, I am out of pocket, and no one else

An example of ebay sales, that i believe would have attracted no interest here, would be some used EL37 I sold recently. The starting bid was very very low, as although these valves have value, I was unable to test them, other than for filament continuity and cold shorts.
The reason I used ebay, was for both the seller and buyer protections offered, returns and dispute resolution, should the buyer find the purchase inadequate in any way.
In the end, they sold for a relative fortune, and I assume the buyer had no issue with the sale.
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Agree. I guess I just have this utopian idea that we are a community that looks after its own. I feel like when I offer something for sale on the forum profit is not my top motivation. Its helping out a fellow enthusiast who might need the parts. Ebay is for profit, Diyaudio is for the love of the hobby.....:)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.