Swan M300 parts list

that will be r5. its a 7 gijawatt flux rectifier.

If that doesn't help.
then fill us in on the secret.

WHAT is the speaker - make and model.
WHAT part have you replaced.
And just for good measure, how about sharing some pictures so we can see what you can see.

dam it's like pulling hens teeth isn't it.........
Sorry for the late response, I replaced the burnt one and am having troubles finding the 2 circled parts. Also this is my first time posting, I'm very sorry about not having pictures in my first post. Thank you again.


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@MegamanTSK Seems like you replaced the " 78M12G " it's a 12v regulator, most likely something happend that it burned,, and swaping only it and the components that burned, might not fix it and burn again , C123 , the first circle is a filtering cap after the regulator, in the datasheet that is 0.1uF ( 100nF ) , and as for L11 in the second circle, is an inductor , most likely for filtering too, have you measured those two components, are they burned as well? , desolder end check them, also check the pin after the inductor to ground if it measures short or not. also check.


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@MegamanTSK A simple multimeter will do, on resistance, ohm, ( omega symbol) on the 200 scale check the inductor if it does not show anything its open circuit, you cant check the inductance with the multimeter but atleast if its open circuit or not, the capacitor check o the 200 scale if its shorted , if it shows nothing, bring up the scale to 20k, 200k, even 20M or whatever it is, it should show a number thst increases as you measure it.
Also check for short circuit as I posted the picture a while ago, one probe ( wire from the multimeter ) to one point and the second probe to the other one. I colored it cyan, red, yellow as I remember, probe red red, cyanand so.