SWAN / HiVi DIY 3.1A speaker kit Foam???


2019-12-05 8:22 am
DAMPING? SWAN / HiVi DIY 3.1A speaker kit Foam???

i'm looking for some advice / guidance...

i'm assembling the swan / hivi 3.1 speaker kit. The speaker kit comes with 1 1/2in foam to line the inside of the speaker cabinet with.

i've noticed that others who have built the kit have used things like poly fill or denim instead of the foam, which from what i understand would be used for different reasons. i am not sure if there using the foam is for reflections or to increase apparent volume or both?

i'm looking for some guidance on if i should use the foam, or something else.

BTW the foam itself turned from white to yellow after being out in a room for few days. probably from the uv ... possibly starting to break down???

here is video if the foam being installed so you can see waht the foam looks like etc. Final Assembly
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