SushiMasterX - STOP!

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This may be a radical suggestion, but maybe the diy video people should be on a different site or page altogether. Does it really belong? Is there much cross-subscription? I know I stopped caring after getting through the first 100 or so posts in the original thread DIY video projector thread. I don't know how valuable it is for the DIY audio types to have this DIY video traffic in close proximity, or vice versa.

Perhaps another option would be to have a personalizable front page, which only shows you the recent posts in forums that you elect to care about, or some such filter.

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Yeah, I would have to agree, that is if most people here are like me. I tend to think of video as whatever I can get on sale at Best Buy (local electronics everything store) that doesn't cut too far into my audio budget. From some video people I've talked to, this is the same view as they have, only flip-flopped. I don't like the video post cutting out the new audio posts on the new posts page. Just my .02
Oh, please!

One night I sat down to check out as many threads as possible, to see why some people hadn't gotten their questions replied. I had the free time available.

I think if you were them you would feel a little dismayed about your post not being replied too. I'll admit one post was silly, but darn! Can't you have the tiniest sense of humor? Things aren't all about being clean and perfect all the time.

Posting to increase my status was not an issue! I could care less. I don't see any reason why that's even included (a person without any posts to there name, could still be a knowledgeable person, I wouldn't judge them on how many post's they've made, albeit it does give some indication to their social interaction). Let's not become posting snobs!

I think if you'll look at the post's I made there, you will see that several people were helped! Thankyou! Isn't that what this is about?!

Jeez, lighten up! Not all people knowledgeable are so tight-laced. Undo your top collar, roll up your sleeves and get in the mix. Even, Werner Von Braun, Einstein, Stephan Hawking and Spock make jokes sometime! This is a DIY public forum. I'm a DIY'er, I'm a social-minded person. The whole world isn't made up of people in labs, in white coats, counting beans and saying "affirmative" all the time.

Average run of the mill folks, like Wonder-bread delivery men, muffler-shop people, people who route stopped toilet's, the president and folk's who just plain sit on their **** all day are the same in my book. They all have different way's of approaching something. And they're all equal!

If you ask me it's about fun (non-gremlin type) and information. Why not charge a subscription and include profile-checks if you're planning on going the Uber-Mensch way! I guarantee that doesn't work, least not in the long run. Sometime's a "dope" can give you the greatest advice! Don't the best stereo's include all the harmonics possible to get that wide range and "natural" sound? I think you can apply this idea to that.

So, step-back and now step-forward and step-back again, now your doing the cha-cha-cha! he-he-he:)
Hey Sushi --

Alot of people who regularly come to this site will check the front page to see what discussions are interesting and current. When you post to a bunch of threads you flood this list. Not that this is a bad thing, but posts like "I don't know" or whatever are kinda annoying.

You are entitled to post as frequently as you please, but try to be a tiny bit more considerate and post useful comments. And certainly try not to take too much of this personally and get all defensive.

-- Won
Manners Please

"Old Saying - An empty vessel makes the most sound"

Mr Sushi, this is NOT meant as a personal attack, indeed far from it, but in the context of your initial posts, the above forum comments might be seen to apply.
I expect/see that you have worked out by now that this is a polite and considered forum generally, and that there are a good number of 'old hands' here, who have been doing this stuff since long before some of you youngsters were thought of, and who have seen plenty of old Rock'N'Roll icons in live shows when loud and live was still new.
Ditto guys who have seen the Classical music icons of our era live in concert.
Modern 'Hip' lingo is not really welcomed, much better correct and polite communication, and without inclusion of ego, as is the engineering and scientific method of discourse.

The behaviour of Mr Slicemaster remains a glaring example of all things that damage the spirit of this forum - rudeness, abusiveness, constant questions without self research, illiteracy, to name some.

Silly questions and lazy questions generally get ignored, and there IS an undercurrent of good humour here.
Also this forum is named DIYAudio !

Peace Brother, Eric.
Sense and sensibility

If my flooding of post's were taken as an egotistical outflowing, that's incorrect. One, 'I don't know' would certainly not be convincing evidence of an 'ill-doer", in any court.

However, I can see the call-to-alarm of an individual whom had REPEATEDLY posted in this manner. Instead of posting here, why not ask them to stop? I've been quite surprised in the forum how quickly a person will gain social-consciousness when they get an email accessing their intention's.

The various feet that can be stepped on and how much, is different for every culture, type and size. And difficult to ascertain completely over the internet. Communication, nowaday's, must be multi-leveled, multi-lingual and be able to traverse across several different culture's. As well as, should have a forgiving kindness, if one is searching to globally form a level playing field of interaction.

I think if one step's back, you'll see the underlying humor of our video forum and the "refreshing" spirit that flow's from it. The internet-age and necessity to be able to communicate from a multitude of stances (educational, financial, societal, racial, language level/type, etc.,...) and the stress they cause are things that I believe will not be quelled easily, nor ever have been, nor ever will be.

e.g.: Many foreigner's, when I visit abroad and here, expect me to talk like they do in the Hollywood movies. I can entertain that and understand their reasoning and since time may be of the essence, I see no reason to not speak in that fashion. Communication is the tool to transmit the idea, the idea is not a slave to it's communication, except in the most difficult sense like expressing love or unhappiness. New lingo being created all the time. The best becoming part of a new "international dictionary" and possibly added to a nation's language dictionary. Commerce today.

An adult is always positioning themselves for their space in the hierarchy, from classical to rock and rock to rap generations, I think this show's well for all who've been a teenager and all who are adult's, it's merely generational attitude, not that it shouldn't be respected mind you. I prefer to not talk "up" nor "down", merely communicate the way that show's best. I'm fairly certain no one was bruised by my "hippy" statement and may get a chuckle from my scaldingly apparent cheekiness. If otherwise, please understand the mirthful intention.

If one were to view the video forum closely, I think without a doubt the typical audience member is of a young age and not polished to citizen-of-rome status. I certainly don't condone any unfruitful chaos or anarchical attitude. But, I prefer to loosen up the lingo because that's where the audience is at and with whom I must relate to there, by nearly 100%!
I, as an adult also, hope to shine with all the glory of a roman statesman and set an example that can be understood and useful in bringing the problem to a happy end.

The machine well-oiled, gets the most work done!

I would hope that someone quick to call attention to my "strike" would also be quick to see the that the countless post's "that" day were actually very fruitful and helped to push multiple people into the next-phase of their work.

I am uncertain as to why the video forum was put here in a DIYaudio group. I actually didn't give much thought to traversing anywhere beyond the video portion and only did so just today. When I searched initially through Google, it merely pathed me to the video forum.

Perhaps it has become too proletariat for the audio snobs. But, I a "video-snob" and countless others are glad to see it. "Build it and they will come", may have become too true, in this case. I don't see how it could be stopped unless "video" was physically removed from this .com.

Perhaps, this is a logical progression that needs to be addressed. As I'm sure I don't wish to be perceived as a nuisance when I have a brain-storm of thought that will be useful for other's, so pleading it. My mirthful act, bringing the system to it's knees. Sarcasm? Yes. Funny? Maybe. Some will enjoy, some will not. But, I understand the alarm.

It may please some to note:
I will not be posting much after this day as I'm heading into the jungle to teach a band of superior left-wing monkey's how to make lcd projector's from Banana peeling's. So as to undermine the market and overthrow the world-organization. Viva! La chimp's! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk "Oh! a wise guy!" "Why I aughtta...!"

Well, being a frequent poster in the video forum, and of like views regarding SushiMaster’s posting habits, I felt it necessary for me to reply, and hopefully bring a little compromise to the table.

There are a few matters in this thread that need to be addressed individually. First I would like to address the issue of “why video is in an audio forum?” Well, we are here for the simple reason there is no other place for us. This started as a casual project by DIY Audio members, and with its popularity and success. Personally, my LCD projector project was complete before I found this forum, but I have found it to be a very useful resource as well as a great place to help others. The forum has grown at a tremendous rate, so it would be difficult to just pack up and move at this point. Many of us would be homeless. One thing is for sure, DIY Audio originals created the thread. So, this is somewhat of an issue, but if the video thread acted in a slightly better manner, we might be more tolerated. I think this issue only came about because of the questionable actions of a few.

Secondly, I would like to address the specific nature of SushiMasterX’s posting style. I agree with him that humor and fun are some key components to a good forum. However, I also feel that worthwhile information should be incorporated into this. If any of you have read any of my posts, you have probably seen my many battles with SushiMasterX, trying to get him to just stop posting crap. I believe the video forum is bloated enough as it is, we don’t need anything extra to make it worse. To SushiMasterX, I think you can post relevantly, but also in a fun way.

Now about the general idea about the standard of conduct regarding forum posters. Phew… Now, we all agree that there are many different people in this world. So, given this, we should accept those differences, to a degree. I agree with the DIY Audio people, there should be some level of “professionalism” here. Granted, we don’t have to act like SushiMasterX said (saying affirmative all the time), but let’s not go on a 4 post rant about how we got drunk last night, and then continue the next day about it… That isn’t necessary. Albeit an isolated instance, it is still annoying.

Now, just because someone is older doesn’t make them dry and boring. And likewise, just because someone is young doesn’t mean they tolerate worthless posting like SushiMasterX’s. I consider myself young (just turned 21), and I have little tolerance for such postings. Am I boring? No, not at all. Most of my friends think of me as that and outgoing class clown. However, this forum isn’t my life, it is merely a hobby. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to do something (in case anyone didn’t notice, that’s what the ‘D’ stands for in DIY, DO). There is a reason this forum has an “other” category, for stuff like this, and for 99% of SushiMasterX’s posts. The video forum is reserved for discussion and further research and information regarding video. If you want fun, go to MSN Gamezone, or Yahoo! Games. There are plenty of places for amusement on the internet, clearly, this is NOT one of them. This is a site for information exchange. Let’s try keeping it that way.

SushiMasterX, I know you will try to once again defend yourself, as you always do, and probably always will. I plead to you, let it go, realize that maybe your actions aren’t appropriate for this forum. We aren’t just here to be mean, frankly, if I wrote this much to be mean, I would pity myself. We are here to better the forum, and after all the discussion against you, one has to ask oneself, “are they actually right?’ Well, we seem in the majority, you are the sole defender of your case. So, take it for what it’s worth, the world isn’t against you, just the DIY Audio forum.
pheww, crap yourself

You pretentious brat!

You set up your constructs and I'll knock em down.

You're not boring, your anal-retentive and playing up to the AUDIO gods. But, I understand, we still accept you in the VIDEO forum as well.

I've received emails relating to your own foul manner. I ignore em and don't say anything back because I don't like to dwell on the negativity. Just keep the momentum going. But, it's there ya know, like a slap in the face.

Lighten up! Your not all that!

I wouldn't have posted again. But ya know, a person's gotta DEFEND themselves.

Aside from our differences, we all need to realize that socialistic styles conflict at times. As you mentioned, some people don't like mine at time. I am a very detail orientated person, and I tend to look at every little tiny picky worthless detail.

And I am for sure not playing up the the audio gods, I really don't care about them (no offense guys, but i'm not into DIY audio, yet...). I'm here for me. Way before this thread ever came up, I was complaining about you openly in the forum, as well as complaining about the overall bloating of the video forum. This isn't personal. I didn't mean for my last post to be so directed at you. Let's just not make this a personal battle. Let's focus on how we can improve the forum overall.
Having started this thread, I'd like to apologize to SushiMasterX for acting a bit rashly. I saw a number of posts that seemed...questionable...and didn't take the time to follow up on some of your other history.

I haven't read most of the postings in this thread, but I think the tone of the conversation has departed from the academic (if at times acerbic) tone that usually dominates this forum. Let's get back to audio.
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